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About Us

Bikini Island Club is Guam’s only one-stop marine activity center.

In addition to Bikini Island, it is the only island in Guam to provide convenience to customers visiting its subsidiary Fish N Bull Restaurant and Convenience Store.

Bikini Island Club installed a hut and a life shot swing in the middle of the sea for the first time in Guam about 4 years ago, and it is also a popular spot in Guam where Japanese and Korean TV media often take pictures. Currently, it is also attracting attention as a favorite place for locals in Guam.

Bikini Island Club is Guam’s first and only place where you can use boat rental products. We also have a long-distance jet ski course in Guam. All activities such as 3-seater jet skiing, dolphin watching, boat experience diving, boat snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat, and super mable can be used in one stop.

This is because all activities are prepared in the sea in front of Bikini Island Club.

Make special memories with Bikini Island here at Bikini Island Club!