Frequently Asked Questions

When is your closed day?

We’re open for 24/7.

Is a shower facility available?

Yes, it is. You can take a shower after finishing all the tours. But you need to bring personal items such as towels, soap, etc.

How old enough should I be to be allowed to drive a Jet Ski?

People over 16 years old can drive a Jet Ski. People under 16 years old must accompany a guardian or a safety guard.

I’m not a good swimmer. Can I go snorkeling?

Yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with your swimming ability. You can wear a life jacket and safety guards will be around all the time.

Would there be a possibility that the tour is canceled because of the weather?

Normally we don’t cancel any tours because of the weather. But if there are a typhoon or hurricane and the waves are too high or wind is too strong, we could cancel tours.

If tours are canceled because of rain, we’d contact you directly and suggest a refund or a change of date.

Should I be good at swimming for sea walker?

No, you don’t have to be. Sea walker is literally for you to walk underwater and see the view with a special helmet on. Safety guards will be around all the time so you relax and enjoy.

What tours are recommended for parents with infants?

Hopping tour which includes dolphin + snorkeling + fishing on a boat or dolphin watching package would be recommended.

Is it better to wear a swimsuit before I get there?

There’s a changing room so you can change your clothes to swimsuit but it’s more convenient to put it on before you get here. You can put on short pants on the swimsuit (female).

How much is the cancellation fee?

3 days before the tour (within 72 hours) = no cancellation fee
2 days before the tour (within 48 hours) = only the deposit will be charged
1 day before the tour (after 4PM) = 50% of the tour fee will be charged
On the day of the tour = deposit + tour fee will be charged

Can I keep my glasses on while doing sea walker?

Yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with your glasses. The helmet of sea walker covers the entire head of yours so people with glasses can enjoy it without having to take them off.

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