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Boat Rental

Boat Rental

From: $500.00

Bay Rover (4 passengers), Pontoon Boat (10 passengers), or Charter Boat (36 passengers)

The Bikini Island Club is located on Cocos Lagoon, famous for its stunning views and natural beauty, and you will enjoy all the marine sports on the beautiful lagoon, surrounded by coral reef.

Fee | Bay Rover (4 passengers) $400 / Pontoon Boat (10 passengers) $500 / Charter Boat (36 passengers) $700

Boat Rental

Charter Boat

From: $800.00

Watch the beautiful Guam Sea sunset and spend a romantic time full of margin.

You can also fish sea fishing while drinking fresh and delicious sashimi, beer and soda water, and you can spend a nice time quietly on the sea. The rental boat is a reserved boat for the customer only, so other customers do not ride.

Pick up time | 1PM or 2:30PM
Fee | $ 800 (1 to 8 people)
added | Adult: $ 60 / Child $ 40 (4 to 10 years old)

Usage time | about 3 hours