Reservation notes

Bikini Island Club Directions (if you come directly)

If you plan to visit Bikini Island Club by car, please let us know in advance. Search for bikini island club on Google Maps or merizo pier park on navigation (about 50 minutes from hotel)
The shuttle bus passes through several hotels during pick-up and drop-off, so if you come by car, you will be able to visit southern Guam after the tour.

LOT 5 #448 CHALAN KANTON TASI Merizo, Guam 96916

Booking Notice

Notice Some of our guests make reservations and there are some people who are late to the scheduled pick-up time without contact on the day of the tour. This often causes other customers to experience discomfort due to delayed pickup time.
Please note that if you do not tell us about your cancellation, you will be charged 100% of the cancellation fee to your hotel on the specified tour dates. If you do not agree to the above, I would appreciate your cancellation by e-mail. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy

*Cancellation before 4 days of tour : no cancellation charge, refund of deposit

*Cancellation 3 days before tour (within 72 hours) : Cancellation fee (limited to deposit)

*Cancellation 2 days before tour (within 48 hours) : Reservation fee + 50% of tour fee

*One day prior to tour or cancellation on tour day (within 24 hours) : Reservation fee + full tour fee


Hotel beach towel, aqua shoes, bathing suit, sun cream, camera

Guam emergency contact

9 in the hotel room + (hp) 688-2065 / hp. 727-3034 / (Office.) 828-8889

The roaming phone can be reached directly at (hp) 688-2065 / hp. 727-3034 / (Office.) 828-8889

Please make a wonderful memory at Bikini Island Club, located on the southernmost sea of ​​Guam. ☺ Thank you.
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Vehicle reservation

We will pick you up at the hotel at the time of your reservation. (If you can not see the staff after 10 minutes of appointment time, please contact us.)

In the hotel lobby, a car rental staff member will call your name together with a rental car office to complete the contract, make a payment and pick up your car.

You must bring your national driver’s license and credit card. At the time of payment, only the credit card information is written in the contract, and there is no other debitz amount.

This will record the information in case of any situation (for example, issuing a traffic violation sticker, repairing a car in case of an accident, etc.), and delete the personal card information if nothing happens when returning.

Return the vehicle

Return it to the office where you received it, and we will pick you up at your preferred hotel or airport.

• If you want to return the hotel, there is a $ 10 extra charge. In this case, insert the car key into the glove box next to the driver’s seat and manually lock the car door.
• All vehicles must be returned full of gasoline when returning.
• Do not apply for insurance if you do not have a Korean driver’s license.
• If you lose your vehicle due to driver’s negligence, you can not apply for insurance.
• Insurance is not available when you lose your vehicle key.

I hope you have a pleasant trip. 🙂 Thank you.

Bikini Island & Enterprise Car Rental
Phone: 671-989-0370 (weekly), 671-969-1111 (24 hours)