About us

Bikini Island Club was established in 2005, is specialized in marine activities and located at the best sea in Guam, Cocos Lagoon. You can experience the mysterious Bikini Island and beautiful Cocos Island with the one and only company offering all kinds of marine activities at one location.

Bikini Island is a beautiful and mysterious island that became a film site of Hamasaki Ayumi’s Blue Bird music video.

Now, meet the real Guam. We always welcome you.


It takes about 40~50 minutes by car from your hotel to Bikini Island Club.

Search Merizo Pier on your navigation and walk into the single-story building (red tiled roof) located right in front of the park.Since Club House is located right next to Merizo Pier Park, you can park at the Park’s parking lot.

ADDRESS: LOT 5 #448 CHALAN KANTON TASI Merizo, Guam 96916
P.O BOX 6021 MERIZO GU. GUAM 96916